In a small town I spent my boyhood, I distinctly remember that one shop I frequently used to buy books from was most appropriately named Ratnalaya, meaning the house of gems.(Cf. Himalaya, Abode of snow)

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Basic structure for a companion and presentation in any field, any theme (with each item tied through registry to an image, a gif\htm animation, an audio .wav file, a RTF text file and finally a media file with attractive controls) with slide presentation with 80 transition effects, a very forceful customizable software  written by the author.  <<<<STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY YELLOW PAGES: YOU CAN BUILD THIS UP
They say a structural geologist is one who can see things by undoing what tectonic forces have done. So here is a new arrival from Prof Dilip K. Mukhopadhyay (of IIT, Roorkee, India ) whose forte has been this very aspect, the balanced cross-sections. 

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This website was launched on 5 August 2001, this being the anniversary of the Department of Applied Geology of Dr H S Gour University located at Sagar in Central India under the stewardship of Late Prof William Dixon West in 1955. The Department of Geology which was opened in the same year that the university was founded in 1946 was upgraded with massive funding through the Indian University Grants Commission, and later in 1964, through another such funding the Centre of Advanced Studies and Research was established. About this website, we have received some appreciative comments (and for the A to Z software as well). We have quoted some on the website (We hold the names of people or organizations who sent comments but these will be added if permitted ) and a few on  A to Z software which are given on the welcome page.

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